Acrylabs Island Style Roof

Introducing the new Acrylabs Island Style Roof system

The Island Style Roof was developed in an effort to adapt the outstanding and durable performance of Acrylabs commercial roof membranes for use on sloped roofs. Millions of square feet of fluid applied membranes have been used in low slope applications with great results but the smooth, monolithic nature of the membrane doesn’t offer a pleasing look on sloped roofs visible from the ground or from other angles. The solution was to create a profile that would be aesthetically pleasing and still be appropriate for applying the Acrylabs membrane. In addition, the design needed to be resistant to ever increasing tropical storms and hurricanes. Acrylabs partnered with National Gypsum® to include their PermaBase® roof cover boards in creating a pleasing profile.

By overlapping courses of PermaBase a stepped pattern is created that bears a resemblance to a common roof design that originated in Bermuda, thus the name Island Style Roof. Acrylabs fluid applied roof membranes are easily installed directly to the stepped boards. The seamless and durable membrane ensures leak-free performance while maintaining an attractive appearance.

The entire system is designed to withstand the most severe hurricane force winds and wind driven rain allowing the Island Style Roof to be used in the most vulnerable environments along the coasts and in island settings. To be sure that this roof design provides 21st century innovation, Acrylabs partnered with AceClamp® to design an exceptionally rugged solar mounting system specifically suited to the Island Style Roof.

Hurricane Resistant • Fire Resistant • UV Resistant • Rot Resistant

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In recent years, storms have been increasing in intensity and duration. The effects of this harsher weather has caused increasingly more severe damage to roofs and building structures. The need for a roof system that can withstand the greatest hurricane force winds while still maintaining its waterproof integrity inspired engineers at Acrylabs and National Gypsum to develop the Island Style Roof. Based on the look of what’s commonly called the “Bermuda profile”, the Island Style Roof combines Acrylabs’ liquid applied roof membrane with National Gypsum’s PermaBase roof boards. The system can be installed on new or existing roof structures.

Designed and tested to perform under the harshest and most severe weather conditions

  • The Island Style Roof protects your home or business regardless of what nature brings

  • Extensive lab and field testing confirms wind uplift ratings of over 240 MPH

  • Totally seamless design prevents intrusion from wind driven rains at similar speeds

  • The stepped, island roof look is highly attractive and easy to maintain

  • Available in a reflective, cool white finish or a variety of pastel colors to complement any dwelling or business

  • The Acrylabs membrane provides proven commercial roofing technology combined with PermaBase roof board’s superior moisture resistance and rot-proof design

What makes the Acrylabs Island Style roof system perfect for The Bahamas?

Easy to Install


Installation is fairly simple and requires only basic carpentry and coating tools. Successive courses of PermaBase are attached to the rafters or roof sheathing with 1”x4” purlins used as spacers. The Acrylabs roof membrane is then applied to the completed construction. The liquid applied and fully reinforced system is used to flash penetrations and is terminated at all edges by wrapping it over the fascia and rake boards. Hips, valleys, ridges, etc. are fully sealed and become seamless without the use of other flashing materials or accessories. Wind and wind driven rain can find no point of entry on a completed Island Style Roof. There are no loose edges or flashings where wind can get a purchase and peel back the roofing.

The completed Island Style Roof has great curb appeal and is an attractive architectural feature for most buildings. The design is appropriate for all roofs with a minimum slope of 2:12 and up to a vertical surface. The system works well on hip roofs as well as gable and shed designs. Finish colors include a range of pastels along with a highly reflective white to keep the roof as cool as possible. 

Attractive Design

The Island Style Roof relies on Acrylabs’ commercial roof membrane technology which has been used successfully since the late 1990’s. Acrylabs manufactures the liquid components of the membrane system to be extremely durable. As millions of square feet of completed Acrylabs roofs will attest, the seamless membrane has demonstrated its value. In order to adapt this commercial roofing technology to sloped roof surfaces, Acrylabs teamed up with engineers from National Gypsum to use PermaBase to create an attractive roof profile. Relying on a long history of roof design in island countries, the Island Style Roof system was developed to mimic the Bermuda profile. Using modern, state of the art materials has enabled Acrylabs to create a high performance roof with the attractive look of a traditional design. 

Perfect for The Bahamas


Acrylabs liquid applied roof systems are applied in multiple coats with fabric reinforcement embedded between coats. Applied as a liquid, the roof membrane conforms perfectly to all shapes and geometries including the stepped profile of the Island Style Roof. The resulting membrane is totally seamless and prevents water and wind penetration under most any conditions. The roof membrane cannot blow off or lose pieces like a shingle roof. The fully adhered membrane cannot be peeled back in high winds like a metal or single ply roof. The same components of the liquid applied membrane used across the field of the roof are used to create tight, fully adhered flashings at all roof penetrations. There are no clamps, boots or other flashing accessories that can be damaged or admit water during severe weather. 

Designed for tropical weather


The Island Style Roof will perform in a wide variety of climates from Alaska and the Yukon to Caribbean and tropical environments, from -60 F (-50 C) to well over 100 F (40 C). The entire system stays stable and remains flexible in this wide temperature range. 

Hurricane Resistant

The Island Style Roof has been designed and tested to perform in hurricane conditions. The roof is approved for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) in accordance with the Florida Building Code, 6th Edition (2017). The testing was able to create an uplift pressure of 300 psf (pounds per square foot) before the structural framing started to break apart. This uplift pressure varies with different building structures but equates to wind speeds of over 240 MPH. A properly installed Island Style Roof should be able to withstand a Category 5 hurricane which produces sustained wind speeds of greater than 155 MPH. 

Fire Rated

PermaBase lightweight cementitious roof boards provide a sound surface for the Acrylabs membrane. The boards are moisture and rot resistant and provide great impact strength. PermaBase also contributes to the superior fire resistance of the Island Style Roof assembly. The Island Style Roof has been tested and approved with a Class A Fire Rating. 

UV Stable

Most building materials break down in the presence of sunlight. UV exposure will degrade the best tiles, shingles or other asphaltic roofing. The Acrylabs membrane covering the Island Style Roof system is a 100% acrylic formulation and is UV resistant. Even over many years, the surface shows little or no effects from UV exposure. 


The Island Style Roof is so stable that it can be renewed every ten or fifteen years with a single maintenance coat. This means that the roof is sustainable and there should be no need to tear it off or replace it for the life of the building. Some building owners even take the opportunity to change the color of the finish when recoating.