Len Hindley 2

Paint Fair have recently become the distributors of a roofing finish; Acrylabs Sustainable Roof Membrane Systems, and I have just completed a job using this product, which was easy to install and the job was completed quickly.  I highly recommend Paint Fair to both building contractors for their professional help and also to individuals. They are always willing to consult with you regarding colour and paint choices for home and business design.


Glenerik International Limited

Sheena Miler 2

It is rare now-a-days to find a company that really takes care in their customer service; however Paint Fair takes great care and are to be commended. We are extremely happy with our business relationship and congratulate them on their wonderful products and impeccable service! Job well done to Lesley & Eric and the entire Paint Fair family! Kudos!


Port Lucaya Marketplace


I have been a customer of Paint Fair for many years and have always had excellent service from them. The staff are very knowledgeable, and they have a great range of quality products. They are always looking to improve the different products they sell and have introduced me to some new materials and techniques.


Glenerik International Limited

Mercynth 1

Paint Fair has been in business in our community for more than three decades and it is a household name to may homeowners and businesses. The management and staff are wonderful people who demonstrate the essence of excellent customer service with their warm welcome and helpful hints.

Mercynth Ferguson

Executive Director, The Grand Bahama Chamber Of Commerce

Monique 1

As an Interior Designer, we work hand in hand with Paint Fair, whether it is selecting that last colour for a project or putting a colour story together to get the ball rolling for a new client. They are always enthusiastic and willing to assist however possible.

Monique Graham

CEO/Project Manager, Style Office Solutions